A Bruxism Nightguard Can Protect Your Teeth & Help You Get The Rest You Need

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  • Relieve a painful, stiff jaw
  • Prevent sensitive, loose, broken teeth
  • Minimize jaw soreness
  • Eradicate morning headaches
  • Avoid day fatigue caused by a lack of restful sleep.

An incredible 90% of us clench or grind our teeth at one time or another in our lives. Bruxism (otherwise known as tooth grinding) is often brought on by stress and anxiety, but it can also be caused by other factors. And while it can happen during the day or not, the habit can be incredibly damaging to teeth since it wears away at enamel and weakens fillings and crowns, and can cause jaw pain. For these reasons and more, bruxism should be taken seriously and treated immediately.

Common symptoms of bruxism to be aware of:

  • a jaw that feels stiff or painful
  • teeth that are sensitive, worn, loose, or broken
  • sores on the insides of your cheek
  • a popping noise that comes from your jaw joint
  • morning headaches
  • exhaustion due to a lack of restful sleep.

What does bruxism treatment entail?

In very minor cases, treatment may not be necessary since anyone can grind their teeth while under extreme stress. When the habit becomes an ongoing problem, however, intervention and treatment are required.

As your dentist in Toronto, following a thorough examination of your mouth (teeth, gums, and cheeks), we may suggest that a customized nightguard be worn to eradicate teeth grinding. By serving as a protective barrier between teeth and as a cushion to help ease jaw muscle tension, it will offer a comfortable and durable fit.

Why is treating bruxism important?

Bruxism will cause damage to your teeth if left untreated. Along with worn tooth enamel, which boosts your tooth decay risk, long-term grinding can erode your teeth’s chewing surfaces. In very serious cases, bruxism can cause fractures or chips and even permanent tooth loss.

Curious about whether you may benefit from this treatment? As your dentist in Toronto, we’ll check your mouth for signs of damage and have a conversation about your concerns. Call us for a free consultation at 2th Dental @ St. Clair Bathurst today!