Cosmetic Dentist Toronto

Cosmetic Dentist Toronto

In your search for the best cosmetic dentist in Toronto, consider our team from 2TH Dental. We offer many treatments, procedures, and services to improve the appearance and function of your smile, including the following:

  • Laser, in-office, and take-home whitening treatments
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Bonding, inlays, and onlays
  • Advanced dental implants and modern dentures
  • Dental veneers
  • Gum sculpting
  • Clear & discreet Invisalign Braces

We make it affordable to own the smile of your dreams at 2TH Dental. Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation appointment to meet with us and assess your smile goals

What Can a Cosmetic Dentist Do?

Your cosmetic dentist in Toronto can create an entirely new smile with the use of advanced dentistry techniques, such as veneers, crowns, whitening treatments, implants, orthodontics, and additional treatments. If your teeth are crooked, gapped, broken, chipped, decayed, poorly shaped, or unevenly spaced, speak with our staff from 2TH Dental to create a treatment plan uniquely for you. We offer options to cover minor to significant imperfections in teeth, severe discoloration or staining from medications, and damage from accidents and sports injuries, as well as treatments to improve the appearance of teeth that have come in crooked.

Does Dental insurance Cover Cosmetic Procedures?

Insurance benefits vary significantly from one plan to the next, which is why it's crucial to bring your plan's details to your dentist and ask for clarification regarding treatments and procedures covered. We can verify your insurance at 2TH Dental and help you maximize coverage advantages by creating a treatment plan based on your benefits. One of our primary goals as a cosmetic dentist in Toronto is to assist our patients in finding a way to afford to pay for cosmetic dentistry services. Be sure to check our website for 'Specials' and discount offers on treatments to save money on dental care.

Flexible Scheduling to Meet Your Needs

Since no two patients have the same needs, we know it's important to provide convenient appointment times that will help patients make their appointments as scheduled. For this reason, we offer early morning, late evening, and Saturday appointments as well as same-day emergency visits and walk-ins any time our doors are open. If you need to see a dentist, rest assured, we are here for you with caring and compassionate dentistry services catered to your busy lifestyle. Why wait for an opening at your dentist when 2TH Dental is open right now and accepting new patients every day?

A Brand New Smile- Affordably

At 2TH Dental, we believe that dental care should come at a cost patients can afford. You have many options available when searching for a cosmetic dentist in Toronto- make sure the practice you choose will be there for your family's needs with full-service dentistry that fits your budget. We proudly offer preventive, restorative, specialized, and cosmetic dental care services under one roof, eliminating referrals and concentrating on your patient experience from start to finish. Choose 2TH Dental for a more beautiful smile.

Cosmetic Dentist Toronto
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