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Since fluoride was introduced to communities as a public health measure back in the late 1940s, it has proven to be the greatest cavity fighter we have. Most of us are familiar with fluoride as an additive to our water supply, but ever since we were children, we’ve ingested microscopic amounts of this naturally-occurring mineral in food. And there are other fluoride treatments that can be of great benefit to your oral and dental health.

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  • Help prevent cavities
  • Minimize the growth of tooth decay
  • Lower your risk for complex dental treatments
  • Help prevent gum disease
  • Bolster your tooth health for life!

Introduced to communities in the late 1940s, fluoride has become the most effective cavity fighter available. While it’s commonly added to most water supplies, it’s also in many foods as a naturally occurring mineral. Of course, fluoride is also in most toothpastes and offers great preventive benefits to your smile.