Teeth Whitening St Clair Bathurst

Teeth Whitening St Clair Bathurst

See our team at 2TH Dental for laser teeth whitening in St Clair Bathurst. For safe, effective results with a minimum investment of time and resource, no other treatment beats laser whitening. We'd love to help you achieve a more beautiful smile at 2TH Dental when you call to schedule a consultation appointment- it's the fastest, easiest way to find out if laser is right for your whitening session. Bring your list of questions to your initial visit to find out more about the newest way to whiten and brighten.

Is Laser Whitening Safe For Your Teeth?

Performed under the supervision of your dentist, laser whitening is safe and gentle, providing long-lasting results. Reports currently coming out from consumer experts show that laser whitening is even more reliable than conventional in-office treatments, making laser an excellent choice for your next whitening session. Laser teeth whitening at 2TH Dental rates high with our patients for affordable cost, convenient treatment, and beautiful results. Why not call today for more details on the most affordable cosmetic treatment available from your dentist?

How Long Does Laser Whitening Last?

Laser treatments last up to 3 years- considerably longer than any other type of whitening treatment; however, the length of time treatment lasts depends on several factors. For the highest return on your investment, pay close attention to the following information:

  • Avoid colorful foods and drinks for one week after whitening, including red wine, coffee, spaghetti sauce, berries, and tea.
  • Brush your teeth with a baking soda & hydrogen peroxide paste once a week to remove surface stains

While laser whitening won't last forever, it lasts considerably longer than other treatments. Do your part at home to get the most out of teeth whitening in St Clair Bathurst.

See Us For Full-Service Dentistry

You'll find 2TH Dental on the cutting edge of the newest procedures, treatments, and dental services, able to care for your entire family's oral health. From preventive treatments, checkups, and cleanings, to a wide variety of cosmetic options, we're here for you with convenient access to quality dentistry with no referrals. You'll notice a difference in your family's smiles when you make us your home for ongoing dental care- we can even offer the newest laser teeth whitening in St Clair Bathurst. Let our staff verify your insurance benefits for more affordable visits to your dentist.

Safe and Gentle Dentistry

New technology allows 2TH Dental to deliver exceptionally beautiful smiles with no pain:

  1. Reduced-radiation digital imaging instead of conventional x-rays
  2. Intraoral camera for chair-side confirmation
  3. Virtually invisible clear Invisalign orthodontics
  4. Nitrous oxide for a comfortable visit

There's no need to look any further for a new family dentist- 2TH Dental provides a full range of treatment options to save you money, with single treatment appointments and same-day visits to fit your schedule. We're open early in the morning, late into the evening, and on Saturdays as well- all for your convenience.

Teeth Whitening St Clair Bathurst
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