Dental Implants in Bathurst To Rejuvenate & Strengthen Your Smile

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Wouldn’t you like to speak or bite into an apple knowing your dental implants won’t slip? 

What about flashing a smile … naturally … whenever it strikes you? How about ending your day with an easy brush-and-floss routine without removing dentures? 

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  • Replace a missing tooth
  • Improve your speech clarity and confidence
  • Avoid jawbone loss
  • Enjoy your favourite foods again
  • Protect surrounding teeth from overuse and potential damage.

Are you missing one or more teeth? If so, a dental implants in Bathurst (consisting of an artificial tooth root and crown replacement) may be an option for you.

Restore Your Smile to Perfection with Dental Implants in Toronto

Do you want to be smiling with comfort and confidence again? At 2th Dental, we offer a range of services for denture implants in Toronto. Perfect for those with one or more missing teeth, our full mouth dental implants offer strength and support for your smile. To discuss your options, make an appointment with our team by calling us today at (647) 492-8483.

What are dental implants and how can they help rejuvenate your smile??

Did you know that approximately 69% of North Americans between 35 and 44 have had one or more teeth extracted every year because of gum disease, infection, or accidents?

What many people don’t realize is, when a tooth is removed, a number of issues can occur. Nearby teeth can move and rotate, leaving you with a compromised bite and unsightly spaces. Chewing can become painful and caring for your smile at home can become difficult. And then there’s the aesthetic issue that many people struggle with.

Whether you’re looking for one tooth or a full-mouth restoration, dental implants in Toronto can restore your smile to its original function. Implants can also hold dentures in place, stopping irritation, noises that can occur when you speak, or serve as an option when partial dentures or a crown & bridge treatment are not ideal.

What’s involved In The procedure of dental Implant in Toronto?

  1. At 2th Dental @ St. Clair Bathurst, the first step is a thorough mouth examination, followed by dental x-rays. We’ll review your dental history, discuss your goals, and with your help, our team will assess whether an implant is right for you.
  2. Assuming you’re a candidate, our Toronto dentist will insert the dental implant into your jaw, below the gum line.
  3. Once placed, the artificial root will need time to stabilize, allowing it to support your jawbone and prevent further bone loss.
  4. After the artificial root has stabilized, a natural-looking replacement tooth crown will be added to the top of the implant.

Our goal at 2th Dental @ St. Clair Bathurst, your dentist in Toronto, is to help you smile with confidence! Call us today with any questions you have about dental implants in Toronto, and if you’d like to find out if you’re a candidate for this smile-transforming procedure, we’ll schedule a consultation right away!