Dental Sealants Can Strengthen & Protect Your Smile

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As your dentist in Toronto, we always have your, and your family’s, best interest in mind. It’s our job to help you keep healthy – in body and smile – and all of us at 2th Dental @ St. Clair Bathurst take this very seriously. With a preventive view in everything we do, our goal is to intercept oral health issues before they happen … to keep you smiling. 

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  • Avoid issues with cavities and decay
  • Protect your molars and premolars for many years
  • Experience a quick and easy procedure
  • Prevent more complex dental treatments in the long run
  • Prioritize your oral health!

Dental sealants are a type of preventive dental treatment that helps protect molars and premolars from decay. They are most commonly used on children's teeth but can be used on adults as well, and can offer many years of protective benefits once in place.